About Us


About Us

Pinnacle Hygiene & Facility Services Ltd. is a commercial and industrial cleaning company.

Currently servicing customers in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas, we understand that the only way to achieve our goals for future growth is by maintaining world class levels of customer service and retention.

We offer our customers a unique value proposition that promises:

  • The best value and quality for cleaning services by leveraging technology, service systems, & an understanding of human nature
  • Direct savings on facility supplies by cutting out middlemen and purchasing direct from manufactures whenever possible
  • Indirect savings in terms of time, and convenience for our customers through the consolidation of vendors and our inventory management service
  • Constant improvement: Positive but never content, there is always room to improve, to be more efficient, and to offer more value to our customers. Through our continuous feedback loop and pro-active service evaluations we plan to never stop improving

These 4 simple values make up the backbone of our customer-centric culture.


Our Customer Service Guarantee

At Pinnacle Hygiene we don’t lose customers due to service, and we would never want to hold a customer to a service agreement if we are not delivering on all the promises we made to them, when earning their business.

That’s why we build into our service agreement a guarantee: “Pinnacle Hygiene guarantees to provide the highest quality cleaning and textile rental services at all times…”.”If Pinnacle Hygiene fails to resolve any material complaint within 30 days, customer may terminate the agreement provided all outstanding invoices are paid in full, and all rental items are returned to Pinnacle Hygiene in a good and usable condition…”

You can be rest assured that if you do decide to take the chance on us, we will deliver on every promise made to you when you made that decision. If we don’t deliver, we don’t deserve to keep your business, and you are free to leave.



Rapid technological and innovative improvement is a constant in our world today. Remaining ahead of the curve, and utilizing the latest and best cleaning systems is essential to our plans for growth, and to adding value for our customers.

Where many companies see spending money on upgrading equipment as purely a cost, we see it as an opportunity to improve efficiency, to improve the value we add to our customers.

The vast majority of the cost related to a cleaning service is dedicated to labour. Any proven technology that can both improve quality of service and reduce the time spent cleaning on a task is good for the company, good for our employees, and most importantly good for the customer.

At Pinnacle Hygiene & Facility Services we understand that automation is the future, and that the human touch is still going to be essential to providing the best quality, reliable service for our customers.